Best Practice Working Groups

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London, Acute



The problem

The management accounts team needed a way to share best practice because otherwise processes are less innovative, efficient, and standardised across different clinical and operational divisions within the Trust.

The challenge

How might we create a forum so that teams within a large management accounts team are able to share best practices, ideas, experiences and processes to overcome specific issues, to innovate, standardise, use their time more effectively and as a consequence add value to the Trust?

The outputs

The outputs are the meetings and the discussions that take place. Examples of some topics covered are:

  • recharges
  • balance sheet reviews
  • invoicing
  • extra session accruals
  • directorate reporting.

The outcomes

The working groups have helped to spark new ideas within teams, solve specific problems and make processes more efficient. They have had the added benefit of creating stronger relationships across teams who perform similar roles but don’t necessarily get to frequently communicate. This new way of working encourages a culture of process improvement, innovation and automation.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“The group is inclusive and dynamic by using a rotating chair and including colleagues at all levels in the team which is a further innovation in itself as each meeting will take on the ‘flavour’ of each chair!”

“This is a great idea for finance teams to keep up to date with the rest of the team, particularly as a lot more of us are working from home.”

“This has the potential for the department to use these forums for problem solving and ensuring the whole team are using the same processes and working to the same values.”

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Here are all of the documents and resources related to this innovation

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Best Practice Working Groups