Billing Automation for Commissioner Funding using robotic process automation (RPA)

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, Acute

The problem

The income team requires automation of the billing process for commissioner funding to alleviate time and resource wastage, allowing for redirection of efforts towards value-added activities.

The challenge

How can we minimise the time required to complete the billing process for commissioner funding, thereby freeing up limited time and resources to be allocated towards other value-added tasks?

The outputs

The tangible output is the completion of the invoicing template, which is uploaded through PowerBI for posting to the ledger.

What were/ are the outcomesAutomation has eradicated errors stemming from manual processing, ensuring accuracy in the invoicing process.

  1. Implementation of automation has facilitated a more interactive, proactive, and transparent method for internal fund allocation.
  2. We have gained an additional four working hours per month over the last four months, which have been redirected towards value-added tasks. For instance, this time has been used to create income reports, another project that transitioned from manual to automated processes.
  3. Our ability to meet the tight deadlines set by the financial accounts department regarding receipt matching has significantly improved.
  4. Personally, I have experienced a sense of accomplishment from successfully delivering on this innovation. The time saved has provided me with the opportunity to develop skills in other areas, such as learning SQL to aid in data analysis.
  5. Our innovation was shared at our inaugural SEL Finance Conference held on 20 October 2023, demonstrating its recognition and impact within our organisation.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Automation has eliminated errors associated with manual processing, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of invoicing.”

“This project delivered tangible benefits, such as the elimination of manual processing errors and the saving of 8 working hours per month.”

“The opportunities and scalability it provides can add more value to the organisation.”

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