The Team Development Group (TDG)

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

The problem

The finance team needed to improve communication, development, training, knowledge, and environment because otherwise they were not providing a ‘Great Place to Work.’ The survey undertaken provided the team with many positives but also enabled them to focus on the key elements the wider finance team felt could be improved.

The challenges

How might we improve the environment in which we work so that we can ensure we are a ‘Great Place to Work,’ providing all colleagues with access to training and development, improving communications, and ensuring the workplace and team environment creates a positive spirit?

What were/are the outputs?

The outputs are largely described as above and include away days, training materials, team-wide meetings, communications, and social/well-being events.

What were/are the outcomes?

Improvement in the appreciation of each other’s work and pressures, as well as enhancements in our working environment and increased training opportunities for self-development. The members of the group have also developed new skills, such as organisation, presentation, teamwork, and sharing and developing ideas. We are currently awaiting the latest staff survey results.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Opportunities for team members to get involved and learn new skills.”

“I’m impressed that there is a dedicated group of people that are determined and consistent in wanting to make this a great place to work.”

“This appears to now be driven by the teams themselves. It has strengthened communication and across a range of areas has helped staff to feel included with a range of activities for them to be involved in.”

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