Building a collaborative

finance news-board for hybrid working

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, North East and Yorkshire, Acute

The problem

The finance team needed to create a newsletter that was collaborative and dynamic, enabling all teams to interact with each other in an effective way. There was also a requirement to reduce the number of communications to avoid staff being swamped with emails.

The challenge

  • How might we reduce the number of emails received while keeping the teams updated with relevant news?
  • How might we pull this information together in one place where people can collaboratively discuss and comment?
  • How might we ensure that only direct information required is emailed and other news is consumed in a reflective manner?
  • How might we create a live interactive newsfeed, that all teams can access in their own time?

The outputs

The tangible products are:

  • one Trello Board is used as a collaborative workspace for news
  • one Trello Board is used for useful information allowing access to process documents, timetables etc
  • a reduction of email traffic and information overload.

The outcomes

The benefits to the team are:

  • better quality communications with less email traffic
  • staff being able to pull information when needed, rather than it being pushed on them
  • boards being interactive and chats can take place within the cards updated (removing the reply to all approach).

The Innovation

Read the full innovation on the collaborative finance news-board for hybrid working

All the documents and resources relating to this innovation can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

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Building a collaborative news-board for hybrid working

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What the peer-reviewers said

“The news board is really simple using accessible technology.”

“This addresses the issue of email traffic for the finance team effectively.”

“This is a great way to support hybrid teams.”

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Here are all of the documents and resources related to this innovation

Innovation A3

Building a collaborative finance news-board for hybrid working


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