The questions

Innovation Programme

  1. Please complete this problem statement

  2. Please complete this/these challenge statements

  3. What did you do to overcome these challenges?

  4. What would you not do again? Please fill in the blanks

  5. What did you learn to do that you didn’t before?

  6. How long has the innovation been implemented/in use for?

  7. What were/are the outputs?

  8. What were/are the outcomes?

  9. What quick wins do you have for others who have a similar problem and want to innovate to resolve it?

  10. Which type best describes your innovation?

    a. Efficiency Innovation

    b. Sustaining Innovation

    c. Transformative Innovation

  11. Chose from the list which technical areas of NHS Finance does your innovation relate to

  12. How many hours has this innovation saved you/your team per month?

  13. If you were to give your innovation a short name or title what would it be?