EVO Collaborators

In the development of EVO we have collaborated with a number of individuals, NHS teams and associations.  During their journey EVO Teams will come across a range of carefully chosen resources, frameworks, and toolkits some of which have been provided by our EVO Collaborators.

It’s important to note that all original resources, frameworks, and toolkits are independently accessible at their source, and we extend our gratitude to the EVO Collaborators who generously shared their resources and time in the construction of this framework.

In addition to the collaborators below we would like to extend our thanks to the creators of the 2019 EVO Pilot Becky Vine, Catherine Mitchell and Richard Sawyer as well as the EVO Pilot Expert panel which included the following individuals: Alex Packard, Andrew Monahan, Ben Roberts, Chris Chapman, Clare Jacklin, Dr Clara Day, Dr Jane Carlile, Dr Jean MacLeod, Dr Sanjay Agrawal, Duncan Orme. Ella Worsdale, Hayley Ringrose, Jenny Richards, Matt Miles, Mike McEnaney, Mike Newton, Ros Preen, Richard Smith, Sarah Hall, Scott Hodgson, Sheelagh Carr, Sheila Stenson and Stuart Burney.