Best Possible Value

Decision Toolkit

A set of tools to support organisations and systems in making value-based decisions for healthcare services.


What is best possible value (BPV)?

BPV is a decision-making toolkit, designed for both financial and clinical professionals to work together in achieving the best outcomes for the patients and service users. It contains 12 tools and other materials related to healthcare value which support individuals, organisations, and systems make decisions that prioritise value. These tools are particularly useful if a decision involves large number of different stakeholders.

The toolkit consists of three main elements, which can be used together or separately, aimed at improving decision-making:

  1. The Decision Planning tools support multi-stakeholder groups in designing and planning a structured decision process that clearly defines the value goal and agrees stakeholder responsibilities up-front
  2. The Value Generation tools build on decision planning to generate a rationale for the impact of a decision on outcomes and value, and details the evidence supporting the decision rationale or assumptions
  3. The Option Priorities tools allow users to demonstrate that decisions have been prioritised based on maximising outcomes and minimising risk, and not solely on the financial or strategic implications

Who can use BPV?

Anyone involved in healthcare decision-making, such as commissioners, providers, regulators, and public health organisations can use this toolkit. It is meant to help everyone responsible for deciding how resources are used to adopt a value-focused approach.

BPV tools are flexible and principle-based, and can be customised to fit into existing systems and processes. You can find black templates via the link at the bottom of this page.

What are the benefits of using BPV?

  • Evaluate choices by considering value and the proven outcomes for those receiving services.
  • Make value-based decisions that everyone involved agrees with.
  • Show transparency in decisions and demonstrate good organisational governance.
  • Save time, effort, and resources by avoiding wasteful decision-making.
  • Have a consistent way to measure success across different situations.
  • Encourage value-based collaborative decision-making between finance and clinicians

How to get started with BPV?

Familiarise yourself with the tools through this guide and the accompanying resources. Then, find a decision within your organisation or system that could benefit from using BPV. Create a decision-making team and start inviting relevant people to workshops to work through the toolkit collaboratively.


Best Possible Value Decision Framework

Guides and resources to support the implementation of the framwork

Best Possible Value Decision Toolkit

A set of tools to support organisations and systems in making value-based decisions for healthcare services


Best Possible Value

Decision toolkit templates


Best Possible Value

Option priorities – Tools 11 & 12