Tea and Talk

Hi everyone

Many of us are  finding we are working from home these days and if your role is/has anything to do with meeting people on a regualr basis like me  this can be quite different! 

I must admit I dont miss the driving and getting the train around the North West (including rushing and running often for trains!)  but I do miss seeing and connecting to people, especially the students who I work with across the North West – there are many ideas going around for connecting to people and I came acorss this idea from Bridgewater Community Trust for “Tea and Talk” – I dont know about you, but we took it in turn to make the tea/coffee throughout the day in the office at Halton and this inerterayably lead to converstaions away from “work” weekend fun, family, what’s for lunch, the sun is out, lets go out for a walk at lunchtime, its raining, lets still get out for 10 minutes fresh air away from the screen – we must still do this,,,,,,,,,,,, however, slightly harder when you are lone working!  – There is a great tweet today from Helen Bevan (for those of you who follow her) – see copy below and pass onto your colleageus or share at your tea and talk when you can – it just wont be in the office kitchen, now on MS teams 

I was on annual leave last week and it did me good to be away from the laptop at home,  emails etc – and enjoyed being outdoors,walking,  gardening, reading – all important to us all 

Please share any of your ideas,,,,,,,,,,,, always good to to hear what other people are doing and at this point in time we dont know how long this will continue – keep safe, healthy and happy