Talent management blog by Ekanem Kofi Ikpeme

Blog written by Ekanem Kofi Ikpeme, Pricing and Costing team, NHS England

I was at the One NHS Finance Inclusive Talent Management workshop on the 17th of November 2022 in collaboration with KPMG to help develop a national strategy for “talent management” because this was an important ask and a “need to do” from the One NHS Finance engagement survey.

This is a huge shout out to the delegates at the workshop, many travelling from far to get to London, Canary Wharf for a 9.30am start! Well done.

While this remains a challenging time for the NHS this workshop was an opportunity to develop the right strategy for cultivating existing talent and introducing new ones into our organisations.

At the event, many amazing examples were shared around what the NHS is already doing well in this regard, and we were encouraged to sell these ideas, so here I am selling the opportunity I have been given as a secondee with The Pricing and Costing Team. Shout out to John Farenden and Sabir Mughal for enabling this opportunity.

This is my first ever secondment and I have and continue to learn loads and see things from different perspectives. Attending this event also highlighted that many are still unable to access such opportunities in the organisation sometimes due to the timing of the opportunities becoming available and the commitment/expectation in meeting their deliverables in substantive roles which sometimes make it impossible to step away. A lot of these bottlenecks can be helped by more supportive management and specific talent management strategies being embedded into the NHS culture. This should be a reiterative process as change is also guaranteed to occur over time as we have been reminded over the last couple of years.

Talent management isn’t about the process we put in place to know whether an individual is doing their job well but those put in place to ensure they are doing the jobs that suit their unique qualities best and then stretching them in those areas!

It’s about taking those exceptional qualities and cultivating them to increase productivity, enable successful succession planning, appreciate, and understand and utilize the diversity of our workforce and of course ensure the needs of our key stakeholders, including patients are met.

The talent management workshop showcased the hunger for such a strategy and the need to not stop the conversation there but find as many more avenues to continue plugging into the conversation, particularly at CFO level.

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Thank you to One NHS Finance’s National Finance Academy for coordinating the event I am looking forward to seeing the output and continuing to cultivate those conversations we began on the 17th of November. Thank you, KPMG, Thank you delegates!