Return from Parental Leave Development Events

Join our upcoming development sessions, aimed to support colleagues who have recently returned from parental leave.  

Email to book your place.

Confidence Building Session – CLOSED

This session will explore how you can build your confidence in different situations at work. You will learn some practical strategies that you can start to use yourself, straightaway, and that can help you to manage your feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence.

Career Development Session – CLOSED

In this session you gain valuable insights into crafting a development path. Discover how intentional planning and choices can help to develop your career. This session aims to inspire attendees by demonstrating the tangible benefits of a well-structured development path.

Time Management Session – Closed

This Effective Time Management workshop explores how to manage your goals and long-term plans alongside responding to day-to-day demands. It will help you to decide what activities will give you the biggest returns at work and in life, and when is the best times of the day for you to do these.