Midlands Finance Academy – bitesize short courses

Develop your finance teams with free access to five HFMA bitesize short courses.

The Midlands Finance Academy are supporting NHS finance staff in the Midlands region to expand their learning understand fundamental aspects of working within NHS finance. The Midlands Finance Academy are offering the opportunity to access five courses:

  • NHS finance
  • NHS budgeting
  • NHS commissioning
  • NHS governance
  • NHS business cases

Each of these courses have up-to-date content, which is easy to understand and written by NHS experts. Each of these short courses are accredited by the CPD standards office. On completion of a course you will receive a certificate of completion as evidence of 3 hours accredited CPD for your professional development.

What is on offer?
There are 90 vouchers available across the Midlands for each of the above short courses.

New learners will be uploaded to the Bitesize system and once you have been assigned you will receive an email from bitesize@hfma.org.uk with a link and your login details. You will then have up to 12 months to complete the course before the offer expires.  These short courses offer professional development opportunities to learners and are flexible so that staff can fit this into their busy work schedule.

I’m not sure which course is right for me, how do I find out more?
You can find more information below and also by clicking on the titles to find out more information on each course.

This course provides an overview of how the NHS is structured and financed. It explains how money moves from the taxpayer via HM Treasury to front line healthcare services, how this funding is spent and safeguarded.

The course looks at what budgets are and how they are prepared and managed. It examines what a typical budget report looks like and how it is used for budgetary control purposes. It also includes an overview of the role and responsibilities of budget holders and explains why this activity is so important.

This course explains what commissioning is and how it fits into the NHS. The course also covers who is responsible for commissioning, what it involves in practice, as well as the rules, regulations and constraints surrounding it.

This course explains what governance is and why it is so important in the NHS. The three key elements of governance are examined: culture and values; policies, structures, processes and control frameworks. The course also includes examples of good governance in practice.

This course introduces business cases and how they are used in NHS organisations. It provides those preparing a business case with an overview of their use and how one can be structured. The module considers the importance of managing change and option appraisal as well as the key elements needed for success.

How do organisations apply for this and what are the Terms and Conditions?
Each organisation in the Midlands is eligible for 8 vouchers in total and they are able to split these 8 vouchers across the courses how they wish e.g. organisations are able to put forward 4 for the NHS budgeting course, 2 for the NHS governance, and 2 for NHS business cases, if the demand is higher for one of the courses. Each organisation will just need to submit the details of which courses individual learners would like access to, along with the names, job titles and email addresses of the learners who will undertake these courses to megan.humphreys@hfma.org.uk. 

This opportunity does not and will not replace existing organisational subscriptions. The course vouchers are only available for staff who do not currently have an active Bitesize account with their own organisation and for individuals have not previously completed these courses.