NEL THRIVE Programme 2024

To equip women in NHS finance to feel empowered in their careers and working lives.


In 2021, Barts Health NHS Trust recognised the need to support women in overcoming barriers within their professional journeys, aiming to foster their growth and effectiveness in the workplace. The Trust’s primary objective was to encourage more women to attain senior-level positions, thereby addressing the prevalent gender gap.

To realise this vision, Barts Health NHS Trust collaborated with Treehouse, an external consultancy, to design and implement a specialised programme tailored for women. This programme aimed to equip aspiring female leaders with the requisite tools and self-assurance necessary to pursue and secure senior roles. Moreover, it aimed to instil empowerment among women across all management levels, enhancing their career trajectories and overall professional satisfaction.

Building upon the success witnessed at Barts, the programme is now ready for expansion throughout North East London in 2024/25. By broadening the programme’s reach, we hope to foster a culture of empowerment and professional growth among women in finance throughout North East London.

Who is THRIVE for?

This programme is available to women of all bands in Finance across North East London through an application process.

How to apply: 

Please email for an application form. Applications close 23rd August.

Programme delivery:

The programme is delivered through six face-to-face events from July to February.

In addition, participants will attend two online Action Learning Sets, in which participants can coach and support one another to deal with issues and challenges they face as they apply their learning.

2024-25 programme dates 

22 July, 18 September, 22 October, 20 November, 21 January, 13 February

Programme Impact and Feedback

Feedback across all metrics and attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Notably, the gender pay gap in the team dropped from 10.3% in March 2021 to 4% in January 2023.

“I remember at the beginning thinking, how can I thrive when I feel like I am drowning. But now I have belief in myself, self-confidence, and feel deserving. Realising my capability has helped with my self-belief.”

— Thrive participant, September 2022

“The Thrive program has been an incredible opportunity for me to further develop leadership skills and build relationships with colleagues across finance and procurement. It’s been useful to practically work through problems through action learning sets, and meeting monthly has provided the opportunity to build on strategies and techniques, shadow senior meetings, and grow in confidence. I’ve used the skills learned with my team, and it’s been invaluable in career planning and considering my next steps within the Trust.”

— Thrive participant, September 2022

Programme Outline