Shape a brighter future

Our true strength lies in our gender differences

“The theme for this year is one that speaks to all women and, to a degree, challenges us to be available to create impact to #inspireinclusion.

Within NHS Finance, inclusion transcends mere statistics correction. It fosters empowerment, cultivates a collaborative environment and guarantees a positive succession planning. The key challenge, I believe remains to attract, retain and grow female talent. Ensuring that there is a pipeline of female leaders shaping NHS Finance as it evolves and transforms and this can only be achieved by having female colleagues of all backgrounds involved in the process.

Inclusion at all levels, in an organisation is essential to capture the variety of views, ideas, experiences and skills necessary to meet set objectives at a rapid pace and deliver results far beyond what can be achieved with only just men. Where women lead, others notice: men to sometimes criticise, other women to be inspired and girls to dream. It is important to ensure equal promotion and progression opportunities between men and women, in order to make recognition and reward inevitable when you excel in what you do.

This is a journey which requires an intentional, continuous and collective effort from our male allies. There are struggles that successful female leaders still face, even with adequate support but this only proves that women are in essence overachievers. This quality is embedded in us through the many (and sometimes controversial hats) we are called to wear in society. We bring problem solving, team working, empathy, time management, resilience, determination to name a few soft skills, to the table and they are absolutely transferable and instantly applicable in a professional setting.

Being included enables us to refine and showcase our abilities in decision making roles where we make use of a myriad of know how and this ultimately benefits the populations we work hard to serve.

Our true strength lies in our gender differences and together we have the responsibility to shape a brighter future for NHS Finance for the coming generations.

Representation truly matters: essentially the young girls need to see (us, women) to be able to be and become their full potential.”

Nelly Kenmogne,
Inclusion and Diversity Ambassador,
Finance Analyst – Corporate Reporting & Planning,