‘Seeing what is possible’

Development opportunity for London colleagues HFMA Annual Conference 2022

What benefits did attending the conference have on you and your career?

The conference was a rare opportunity to step away from the day job and really focus on how we might develop our offering as a team. I was genuinely inspired and energised by the event.

It was also such an amazing way to meet people outside of my organisation – even our suppliers – and build new relationships and connections. I am particularly grateful to have met some of the other London competition winners. I feel we developed a good bond over the 3 days and am pleased that we are staying in contact.

It is hard to project the longer term impact the conference will have, however, it showed me that there is a long and fulfilling career to be had in the NHS and that it is a great place to work.

What were your 3 main take aways from the conference?

I came away from the conference inspired, energised and enthused about the future of NHS Finance. The main 3 takeaways would have to be:

    1. Seeing how forward-looking , dynamic and innovative NHS Finance is. Far from spreadsheets and month end, NHS Finance leaders are driving the organisation forward and considerate of global issues and perspectives.
    2. Seeing what is possible: The creativity of teams and the innovations that have taken place were really inspirational. I had my eyes opened as well as to where we might be headed with developments in AI and future tech.
    3. A real sense of the contribution I can make: How systems and partners can and have collaborated to transform services and outcomes for patients and how me and my team might take inspiration from this; how I might make a difference and how rewarding an NHS finance career could be.

What were the benefits of the buddy arrangements?

There are numerous benefits to the buddy scheme. As well as help and support in settling into and navigating the conference, my buddy introduced me to people I probably would not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.

I am grateful that my buddy was proactive in getting in contact with me before the conference, willing to share her mobile number and following up with me during the 3 days on site. It was lovely to have that opportunity to connect with my buddy and for her to sit with us during dinner. I recognise that in doing so, she gave up her time and her own opportunity to network, which I really appreciate.

Although I didn’t get much 1:1 time with my buddy during the conference, I am looking forward to connecting with my buddy again next week and having the opportunity to reflect. I think it will prove a valuable way for me to consolidate my learning. I also believe my buddy can offer a different perspective and help me identify new ways of looking at things I’ve learnt or been challenged by.

Having a buddy and connecting with the other winners was also a really good way to appreciate the positive experiences we shared.

Ranjana Manivannan ACMA
Costing Accountant
Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust