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What is Access Accountancy?

Access Accountancy was founded by and for the accountancy profession, to realise a more representative workforce by socio-economic background. The mission is to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of accessing the accountancy profession based on merit, not background.

The programme was established in 2014 with the ambition to promote diversity across all levels of the sector in the face of overwhelming evidence showing that applicants from lower socio-economic backgrounds are less likely to be hired.

Organisations that sign up to Access Accountancy commit to measurable outcomes, which aim to deliver real change and welcome talented young people from all backgrounds, supporting social mobility.

Who is eligible for Access Accountancy?

Work experience as part of Access Accountancy is for students that:

  • Attend a state school or college and;
  • Are in year 10, 11, 12 or 13 (the exact year required will depend on the placement) and;
  • The occupation of their main household earner when you were aged 14 is categorised as a lower socio-economic background or;
  • Are/have been eligible for free school meals or;
  • Attend a school that is above the regional average in terms of the number of students eligible for free school meals or;
  • Would be the first member of their immediate family to attend university.

Access Accountancy does not set academic entry requirements, it is up to individual organisations if they wish to do this, making sure these are not a barrier to potential talent.

How do I find out more?

NHS Finance departments from the East of England region provide work experience placements as part of the Access Accountancy scheme.  Information on the current placements, where available, are included below.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Access Accountancy scheme or for general information on NHS Finance Careers visit or contact for an informal chat.  If you are looking for advice on how to find work experience in NHS finance see the section below.

Read the Access Accountancy programme guide here. 

For current East of England opportunities with Access Accountancy keep scrolling down.

How do I get Work Experience in NHS Finance?

Many NHS organisations are able to offer work experience placements in administrative services including finance, procurement and digital, where available these are organised by each individual NHS organisation.  If you are looking to find a work experience placement a good starting point is to look for the NHS organisations which you could travel to easily, these might include a local hospital, community, ambulance or mental health provider, there are also Integrated Care Boards and regional bases for NHS England.  You can use this website to find NHS organisations near you. Find services near you – NHS (

Once you have identified the NHS organisations near you, have a look on their website for contact information.  In some instances the website may contain contact details for work experience, if not find a contact for the finance or HR department or simply try the main contact details.

Please note that not all NHS organisations are able to offer work experience and places are in high demand so you are advised to start looking as soon as you know your work experience timing.

What opportunities are available?

NHS England – East of England (Fulbourn, Cambridge) 1-5 July 2024

Our local NHS England region, covering the East of England is pleased to offer an NHS finance work experience week to year 12 and 13 students as part of the Access Accountancy scheme. (See above for eligibility criteria)

Placements are available for the week of Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July, with students being onsite at their offices in Capital Park, Fulbourn from approximately 9-5 on all five days during the work experience week.

The week will include the opportunity to find out more about how the NHS is funded, how services are delivered and routes into NHS finance careers.

Applications are open until 15 June 2024 (early application is advised).  Apply by completing the attached application form and send the completed form to


Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals (Norwich) 15-19 July

Programme date: Monday 15th July – Friday 19th July 2024
Programme duration: 1 week
Deadline for applications: Midday on Monday 13th May

During the 30+ hours work experience, you will be supported to develop skills to improve your employability and be provided with lots of information about a career in accountancy and the NHS. This will include details of the various routes into the profession including information on both school leaver and graduate opportunities.

There will also be an opportunity to learn about the wide range of accountancy and finance roles within our organisation and the wider NHS.

Please note that the finance department is based in Rouen Road, Norwich, NR 1 1QQ.

Apply here:

NNUH Access Accountancy Programme 2024 (Page 1 of 5) (

Insights Work Placement Programme

The East of England region is taking part in the NHS Finance Insights Programme which offers 12 month paid work experience placements for year 13 students from low income backgrounds.  Starting in Sepember 24, 5 placements are available in the East of England at the following locations: Southend, Bedford, Norwich, Harlow and Stevenage.

You can find out more about the scheme, eligibility criteria and applications form here.  NHS Finance Insights placement scheme ( are open until  24 May 2004.


Access Accountancy Work Experience Case Study


NHS finance work experience week application form

NHSE application form 2024