Tanya Rogers

Sponsee Lead


Overall I have worked for the NHS for 11 years, in various roles in both Trusts and commissioning. Prior to that I’ve had a varied career working in the Private Sector, Local Authority and Corporate Banking.

My current substantive role is as a Senior Finance Manager in Specialised Commissioning (London Region), which is a job I absolutely love and have done for 3 years. Since the pandemic I have had the opportunity to branch out, fulfilling several operational and project roles, gaining skills and experience I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Supported by my Sponsor, I am currently seconded to the South East region supporting the Finance team on the Covid Vaccination programme.

I applied for the Sponsoship Programme  as I had got to a stage in my career where I knew where I wanted my career to go , but wasn’t sure what steps I needed to take to progress or what skills and experience gaps I was missing and more importantly how could I go about getting those. I was also aware that some of my gaps I wouldn’t be able to gain from just doing courses and webinars.  I knew I could benefit from having a an independent advisor from outside of my day job to be able to give feedback and support, which having a sponsor very much encompasses. As a bonus, I’ve been inspired by my sponsor’s personal career journey, struggles and achievements.

I took on the Sponsee Lead role as I’m  passionate about developing people and believe that a network with shared, diverse experiences and learning are important is achieving that. I’m happy to be contacted if anyone wants to know more about the programme or the South East Sponsees network.

Tanya Rogers, Senior Finance Manager – Secondment role at NHS England