Pride Month 2022 – What does Pride mean to you?

We asked what Pride Month means to NHS finance colleagues. We hope that you find the below responses inspiring!

Lorainne Flynn, Clatterbride Cancer Centre NHS FT –

“For me, this Pride Month has been a time for learning and reflecting. I had already joined this group and got my rainbow badge, so this was the opportunity to address things I hadn’t got around to yet, such as learning why adding pronouns to email signatures is important, then adding mine.

On a personal note, it has also been an interesting time to reflect on why I always choose ‘prefer not to answer’ on forms asking about sexual orientation. I always figured it was nobody else’s business, nothing to do with my work and couldn’t imagine why anyone would be interested anyway! But I have been researching what the information is actually used for and why it is important especially in the NHS. I won’t call it ‘coming out’ as it never occurred to me that I was ever ‘in’, but I have ticked that box and raised my bisexual flag, in the hope that by talking more openly, one day it won’t be interesting to anyone.

In the meantime, I’m making plans to be a much louder and more involved I&D ambassador and I’d love to hear what others are doing as part of the role. Happy Pride Month!” 🌈

What does Pride Month mean to you? Add your answer below! We will be updating this blog throughout June.