Mersey Care’s Laughtercise Session

Back in Novemeber, Mersey Care’s finance staff did a laughtercise session. 41 finance staff tuned in on MS Teams for a combination of laughter, yoga and relaxation that is said to have physical and pyschological benefits.

“I couldn’t quite get my head around the session at first – felt very strange.  I really wanted to see other people and hear them.  I think it would be brilliant to do this session in a room full of people as I think you would spontaneously laugh more.  I did enjoy it though – loved the stretching.  I actually did lay on the floor at the end and I felt so relaxed.  Thank you…for organising and thank you to Aaron for the laugh!”

“From my point of view I found the exercises valuable in the sense that I have problems with my back, exacerbated by sitting the chair most of the day, yet I find if I do stretches each day this improves my condition and reduces the pain in my back. I continue to do the stretches and will continue to do them in the future. Thanks to Aaron for a great session.”

Sessions last from as little as ‘Ten minute Zen’ up to an hour long. You can find information on discounts in the PDF on this page. Find out more about the sessions here:

Check out the impact Laughtercise have had on NHS staff with their Wellbeing Programme for Employees

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