Race and Gender Allyship

Sophie Williams, Racial Equity Consultant

This event has already taken place. For a link to the recording please email charlie.dolan@nhs.net


This one-hour webinar is designed to provide valuable insights and practical guidance on becoming an anti-racist and gender ally in the workplace. In today’s world, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion is not just a moral imperative but also essential for creating a productive and harmonious work environment. Whether you are new to advocating for racial equity or seeking ways to sustain your commitment and drive meaningful, lasting change, this webinar is for you.

Sophie, an expert in the fields of gender and race equality, will facilitate the discussion and offer her expertise in navigating the path toward being an effective anti-racist and gender ally.

Join us for an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others who are passionate about making a difference. Together, we can create a more equitable future for all.


Sophie Williams is a speaker, the Author of Millennial Black & Anti-Racist AllyTED Speaker (The Glass Cliff – why some leaders aren’t set up for success), the voice behind @OfficialMillennialBlack, and a Racial Equity Consultant (how many multi-hypehnates is too many!?). She is an Ex-Netflix Global leader, and has held the positions of COO and CFO in London Social and Advertising agencies.

Sophie Williams

Author of Millennial Black & Anti-Racist Ally, Ted Speaker, Founder of @OfficialMillenialBlack, a Racial Equity Consultant and an anti-racist advocate in the UK.

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