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My personal experience of helping and supporting has been around 8 years as a volunteer, I went to a CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Women in Leadership event, one of the takeaways from that was how inspiring the speaker was about the scheme and how great it was to give the youngsters some real life skills. I felt I could make a difference in a young person’s life by signing up. So, I registered the very next day through the website.

I was only on the site a few months when I was approached by a school who invited to be a school governor, I went to visit and as I toured round the school (it was in a very deprived area and lots of SEN children) I decided that I would do it. I signed up for a year, it was interesting and I learnt so much in that year. The experience it gives you, and knowing you are supporting the young to become the best they can be was fulfilling. The skills it gives you are translatable in working life; influencing, challenging and holding to account the head teacher when needed.

Does this sound like something you want to get involved in?

The link to sign up as an Individual is below:

The link to sign up as an organisation is below:

Once registered, your details and the types of activity you would be happy to participate in are recorded. You wait for a local school, college or another educational facility contacts you. There is a function on the website where you can search for local area events if you prefer that way. You have the choice as to whether you attend the sessions, you can also choose online sessions only.

If you are wondering what the time commitments are, you can choose how much you want to do by saying yes to the school. I have also been out to schools and supported career fairs, Interview prep for 6th formers, CV writing and reviewing personal statements. The case studies are a great read and demonstrates the value volunteers bring to young people’s lives. I can honestly say it is one of the most rewarding things I have been involved in. They are always very grateful for you supporting the students and it really taps into the ‘giving back’ and ‘making a difference’ feel good endorphins!



Ellie Pitchford, Finance Lead Health and Care Transformation
Finance Health & Wellbeing Champion | I & D Ambassador | Value Maker | Finance & Clinical Educator | Chair – NHS of the Future Programme with Midlands Finance Academy