Inclusive Talent Management workshop hosted by KPMG

After months of planning, The National Finance Academy hosted an inclusive talent management workshop – facilitated by KPMG’s Ignite Team on 17th November 2022.

Over 50 finance colleagues spanning different band levels, regions and NHS organisations volunteered their time to attend the event in Canary Wharf, London, which focused on how we can co-create and develop a new national talent management strategy that is inclusive, for the whole NHS finance community. People were invited through the One NHS Finance networks including Inclusion & Diversity Ambassadors, Value Makers, and Sponsees of the Sponsorship Programme.

The day included interesting and insightful presentations from other sectors, including Coca-Cola, KPMG and HMRC where they shared their current talent management strategies and processes – sharing their learning and providing us with inspiration for the rest of the day. Following this we were split into breakout groups and took part in several different exercises to brainstorm ideas and come up with plans to take forward into our new national strategy. Each breakout group then presented their ideas to the whole room, for us then to vote on our favourite ideas and initiatives.

All outputs from the day have been pulled together into a fantastic report (which you can download below) showcasing these ideas and outlining what we as a collective felt are our priorities to take forward.

The National Finance Academy will be taking forward these outputs and producing a proposal to take to the Finance Leadership Council in January 2023, chaired by Julian Kelly – from there we will provide an update to the finance community on how they can continue to contribute to the development of our new national strategy.

Thank you to everyone who helped shape the event, and who attended – it was a fantastic day and we look forward to continuing to work with you all on this important agenda.

One thing that has stuck with most of us from the day is that what we develop should be “a talent management strategy that leaves no one behind”…

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