Improvements to BPPC 20-21

We noticed that our BPPC figures fell last year. After looking through the failed invoices we noticed that a lot of low value high volume invoices were failing by only 1-2 days
These are the small changes we have made to our invoice processing and payment runs;

  • Increased the BACS runs from Once a Week to Twice (Mon & Wed)
  • Better communication with Treasury to ensure that we get cash we need to ensure that suppliers are not paid late
  • Controlling when and how many invoices go onto the system and are sent to the NEP Web to enable AP staff to process them without being overwhelmed by the numbers
  • By holding back on sending invoices to the Web, we are allowing goods to be receipted in the organisation
  • Sending invoices to the Web late afternoon allowing them to go through the validation process overnight so staff have less invoices to review and correct in the morning
  • Downloading and validating Pharmacy batched prior to a Payment run being processed rather than after the run
  • Due to Covid we reached out to Departments and Suppliers who were sending in paper invoices resulting in more invoices coming into the Department more efficiently and authorised via docusign
  • By adding an automated message to the central mailbox, advising which team member to contact with queries improved efficiencies
  • Our average number of invoices processed each Month is 22,000 and this peaked at Year end to 28319 – The whole AP contributed to the improvement of BPPC by looking at process changes and ensuring the changes were embedded.

Posted on behalf of our LTHT Accounts Payable Team.