NHS Staff Survey

Finance Directorates

We know that happy and engaged staff lead to better outcomes for our patients so it is important that we listen to staff experiences.  The NHS Staff Survey is a great measure of how staff are feeling and the FFF Staff Survey group have been looking at the data for finance directorates.  Through our analysis we have been learning from organisations that have scored highly and those that have improved from previous years to put together resources to help make NHS finance a great place to work.

Our 2023 comparison tool is now available to access below, it contains the results of 193 finance teams.  If your organisation is not in the sample, it is because the finance scores were not available publicly on the staff survey local results website here.  Please note that in our sample some finance directorates scores might be wider than finance where other teams sit under the CFO but we believe it is still a representative sample of staff experiences.

For 2023 ‘We are always learning’ once again is the lowest scoring people promise, we know that this is largely due to appraisals so we have created a guide for meaningful appraisals that can be accessed below along with other resources to help improve staff experiences.

The FFF Staff Survey group will be looking at the scores further over the couple of months so key an eye on this page for further analysis, showcases and resources.

Please note there was an error with the data for the ‘We are safe and healthy’ theme for 2023 so we do not have that information.  If you have that score for your own department and are happy to share, please email one.finance@nhs.net.

All data was copied manually from the staff survey website, every effort was made to collect this accurately however if you notice anything that doesn’t look right please let us know and we will update accordingly.