Flexi Timesheet 21/22

Edit: 29/03/2021 @ 14:20
Updated timesheet to reflect fix required to work within Excel 365

Attached is a Flexi Timesheet you can use for filling in your hours worked throughout the next financial year.

The layout is curtosy of a timesheet I used at the Countess of Chester and I’ve just added to it to make it easier to set yourself up and make amendments throughout the year if you change hours or working days.


  • Just fill in the Setup sheet and press Submit and everything will be sorted for you in terms of:
    • Blocking out any non-working days
      • You select these in the Setup sheet
    • Calculating your normal working day hours
      • Split evenly over your working week
    • Calculating your annual leave entitlement
      • WTE x Annual Leave left in year from your start date
    • Calculating your bank holiday entitlement
      • WTE x Bank Holidays left in year from your start date
    • Filling in all the Bank Holiday (BH) days you’d normally work on
  • If you change your contracted hours or non-working days mid-year you can just use the amendments sheet to carry on using the timesheet from that date with a new normal working week setup for you
  • All your carried forward/owed hours will flow from one month to the next
  • Any paid extra hours can be deducted from your hours owed by filling in the hours being paid for in the Overtime section
  • Can be used to fill in unpaid, flexi, holidays, study leave and other types of uses of time
  • The meaning of a ‘day’ should be personal to the end user
    • 1 day for someone working a 30 hour week each work day is 6 hours
      • So their annual leave entitlement of, say, 27 days stays as 27 days of 6 hours = 162 hours
    • 1 day for someone working a 30 hour week only Tuesday to Friday is 7.5 hours
      • So their annual leave entitlement of, say, 27 days becomes 21.6 days of 7.5 hours = 162 hours
  • Carried forward hours owed/owing and annual leave hours owed can be added during the setup


  • Only really caters to those who work weekdays
  • No functionality for capping flexi-time
    • So if your organisation has a limit of 8 hours you can carry forward, you’d just have to fill in the overtime sheet to reduce the hours to 8 before moving onto the next month
  • Only splits day up into 2 halves
    • Any further breaks than midway you’ll just have to add the hours in and maybe put a comment in to say that those hours include an extra X minute break
  • Months are split into 4 or 5 weeks where the first week is always the week with the first day of the month in (even if it falls on a weekend like 1st May 2021)

    Before you use it, you should amend the Annual Leave Policy URL in the Guide sheet so that the Annual Leave Policy button on the Home sheet goes to your own intranet annual leave policy page.

    I won’t be adding further functionality until next year but if you leave me with any comments on how it could be made better then please feel free and I may consider including them for the 2022/23 version.

    I hope you find this useful 🙂

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