Finance Director Declarations

As part of the Future-Focused Finance Towards Excellence Accreditation process, we ask that an organisation’s Director of Finance/Chief Finance Officer signs our FD declaration to show that they are committed to the continuous improvement of their finance department.

Finance Directors are asked to declare that they will:

  • Show commitment to the aims of Future-Focused Finance
  • Create space and resource for their team to participate in Future-Focused Finance’s programmes, initiatives and events
  • Share ideas across the Future-Focused Finance community
  • Volunteer to support delivery of Future-Focused Finance’s projects and initiatives

Read the full declaration for more information about how we are asking Finance Directors to deliver on these points.

Please download the declaration from the link below and submit completed declarations to

Please send us a picture of your Finance Director signing the declaration! We will share the picture on our social media channels and may use the photo on our website to promote the aims of our Accreditation process.

Within Level 1 of the accreditation process there is the requirement to demonstrate:

1.1.9 Evidence of Future Focused-Finance (FFF) Director of Finance / Chief Finance Officer Declaration

This can be evidenced by the leader of the finance team signing the Finance Declaration on behalf of their organisation.

Word version

Download the word version of our Finance Director Declaration here.

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PDF version

Download the PDF version of our Finance Director Declaration here.

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