Equality & Diversity recruitment commitment charter

The culture of the NHS should be sustained by the core values in the NHS Constitution including respect and dignity, compassion and inclusion; values we want to be reflected throughout our recruitment practices. Recruitment to NHS vacancies, particularly for senior positions, can be challenging and time consuming for employers and so, understandably, the use of recruitment consultants to attract suitable candidates is relatively common. Posts advertised and recruited through NHS Jobs are done so within parameters offering some assurance of a fair and equitable process. However working outside of this system, whilst pragmatic opens up a risk that NHS diversity and inclusion (D&I) standards and expectations are not being adhered to. Ideally, a recruitment consultant can offer assurance of their own D&I practices, but this is not always the case.

We have developed a commitment charter, which can be downloaded from the RHS of this page, designed to offer a recruiting manager a means to clearly set their expectation of a recruitment process in-line with NHS D&I standards when conducted through a recruitment consultant or agency.

The expectations are a minimum and may, of course, be adapted to reflect local need, policy or personal commitment to equality and diversity in your workforce. This charter is designed to be shared with the recruitment consultant you are working with so that expectations can be established at the outset and any concerns the consultant has about meeting these can be discussed and mitigated appropriately.