Cheque printing and petty cash query

We are currently having problems with our cheque printer as the toner is out of date and we are unable to purchase any new replacement toner. Does anybody have any guidance in relation to where we can purchase a suitable new printer for infilling cheques? We have been pointed in the direction of the Smithers List but this also appears to be very out of date as a lot of the approved printers are discontinued or refurbished models. So I am assuming we could have the same issues with these printers as we currently have. Whilst we would like to step away from raising cheques altogether there is an additional complication in that we issue several petty cash cheques to various wards and hospitals which are spread across the County. This money is then spent on patient activities and costs can be incurred by various members of staff at any one time. So it would also be helpful to know if anybody uses any different methods to petty cash as I am not sure that some of the procurement cards etc that have been offered by our bank would be suitable. Any help on either of these two issues would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance –