Celebrating 10 years of the Value Maker Network! 🎉

Reflections from Value Makers who were on the founding 2014 cohort. 🏆

“Looking back over the last ten years its lovely to see how many of the original valuemakers are still working in the NHS. The first valuemaker event in 2014 was genuinely one of the most energising days I think I’ve had in 40 years working in NHS – the room seemed to vibrate with energy and possibilities and I think we made genuine connections that day. 

Our action plans were ambitious where we had to list people to connect with, commit to doing at least one named thing, link ourselves to one of the six original workstreams and list actions to do within 5 days, 30 days and 90 days and we were then asked to confirm what we’d done a month later with those actions being shared as inspiration – it might well have been the most enthusiastic 30 days in NHS finance history!! 

My application notes that I thought that we should collaborate more, think differently and adopt technology and being a value maker seemed to be the perfect opportunity to explore possibilities: ‘Stepping back and chewing the fat is something that is seen as a bit of a luxury these days, something that used to happen perhaps in those hazy days when NHS finance wasn’t quite as pressured as it used to be.  I think that that’s a mistake, that it’s only by stopping the headlong onslaught do we find the time to think differently. There are so many new developments in the world these days that never seem to filter down to operational levels. Teenagers don’t even think that face-timing, or being permanently online is anything strange, whereas putting in webcams in offices to speak to staff on other sites is still seen as something strange and the webcams gather dust in the corner because no-one likes to use them.   They move on from Facebook to WhatsApp to Snapchat (all without training !) deriving new ways of communicating – they don’t use e-mail – that’s a relic from a bygone age so why do we constantly fill up our inboxes. Isn’t there a better way? And why aren’t we using it?’ Some things have changed dramatically over the last decade such as the adoption of non-stop video calls as a result of Covid, but we still overuse e-mail!”

“Reflecting on my time as a member of the Value Maker Network since inception brings back a wealth of experiences and highlights that have shaped both my professional and personal development. 

Learning and Development:

  • One of the first things I quickly realised as a value maker was there was more to finance than just numbers and there were limitless opportunities within the NHS.

Community and Support:

  1. Supportive Network: The support within the Value Maker Network is invaluable. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes with like-minded professionals created a sense of community and provided continuous learning opportunities.
  2. Building Connections: One of the most rewarding aspects was connecting with a diverse group of professionals across the NHS. On this journey I have connected with several colleagues who have made significant contribution to my growth in the NHS – connection with people in the network means that I can easily access information, templates, and varied ways of doing things.

In summary, my time with the Value Maker Network has been a transformative journey. The experiences, challenges, and highlights have not only enhanced my professional skills but also fostered a deeper appreciation for the crucial role of finance in supporting the NHS’s mission of delivering quality patient care. The knowledge gained, relationships built, and contributions made will remain significant milestones in my career. I of course wear my value maker badge with pride.”

“The 18th July 2014 was a special day…  a transformative day even…

In fact, it started a few months earlier with an email from ‘Future Focused Finance’ asking if I wanted to ‘make a difference’…

That email sat in my inbox for a few weeks (sorry FFF it was a busy month) and my then Director of Finance, Mike Tate stopped me in the corridor and said, “You seen that email? You should do that! Volunteer for it and anything you need from me consider it done.”  And that was it, that one sentence of permission gave me everything I need to put my heart and soul into being a #valuemaker.

The last ten years have been surprising, challenging, rewarding, and I truly believe that without that step into the #valuemaker unknown that I wouldn’t be where I am now doing a job I love, so I have to give thanks to everyone who has been part of the last 10 years of #valuemaker. Those who knew me at the start, know that one of my commitments on the launch day was to tweet every day, and I thought this tweet from a few days after launch in 2014 couldn’t be more apt for right now.

Valuemakers you have really made a difference in the last 10 years, you really have changed the NHS, don’t stop!

Let’s do it VM!”

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