Budget Setting – Excel Best Practice

The budget setting solution at Alder Hey has been developed over a number of years, steadily being improved to make the whole process easier and more accurate year on year.

Attached is an overview of all the Excel functions/techniques/tools used in the budget setting solution to date which I am confident you will be able to use to make the most out of Excel to bring your own projects to life.

All of the items in the attached work in Excel 2010 and onwards, even Power Query – you just have to download it from here if you’re on 2010/2013*: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=39379

Power Query is probably your quickest win if you aren’t already utilising it and the rest should make really great weapons in your arsenal to tackle many problems with Excel.

Additionally, I’ve attached all the payscales that were used in the staffing grid, hopefully this should help any NHS organisation and includes all AfC and Medical payscales. There are lines in there for local, W, codes but I’ve removed those salaries. In L1:L3 you can also put your own local assumptions for what the pay uplift will be for Medical, AfC or other staff in 21/22.

*the last update to Power Query for these versions was 19/04/2019 and will not get another update but it does a really great job as it is 🙂

Blog File(s):

Excel-Overview-Everything-used-in-Budget-Setting.xlsx Payscales.xlsx