Benefits of the Future-Focused Finance Value Maker Network

Value Maker Jodi Martin, Senior Strategic Finance Manager at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Shares her top benefits for why you should join the Value Maker Network. 

  • Making connections with other people outside my Trust. By making contact with NHS Finance colleagues across the nation, I save time and duplication on work, using what’s already out there. I update policies, create new development strategies and ‘pinch with pride’ accreditation work all from what’s already been done! I share our own documents, policies and ideas through the network and had some great feedback. Overall, these connections made are so positive.
  • Bringing Finance departments closer together in our ICS. We’ve created workstreams for Accreditation, Heath & Wellbeing, Communications, EDI, Mentoring & Coaching, Talent Management, and we’re working on Innovation. There are finance reps from every organisation in our ICS on the workstreams. We’re able to use the toolkits and resources from One NHS Finance to get things moving. Sharing ideas, driving initiatives forward and networking with local teams has been really enjoyable.
  • Spending as much or as little time as I want, to get involved. The way the Value Maker network is set up means you can get involved as little or as much as you like. If you sign up, you’ll receive regular Newsletters and Bulletins with information on everything that’s available for you. You may choose for that to be what you take away from the network but the opportunities are endless. You could use a Toolkit to make your department ‘A Great Place to Work’. Or have a quick look on MS Teams to see if you can help anyone asking for ideas, or even ask for help on the MS Teams channel yourself. Therefore, there really is no pressure to commit specific time – it can be what you make it.

If you think the network is for you, sign up today!

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