Active Together

I’m really excited to have signed up to be a Health and Wellbeing Champion as part of Future Focused Finance.
I’ve just finished doing “Red January” an initiative with the tag line “Active together for better mental health”. The idea was to do some activity (however much) every day in January. Its also an awareness raiser for Mind the mental health charity.
My red January started on new years day with what can only be described as a “bracing” new years day dip in the sea, and apart from one (very long working) day I managed to get active in some way every single day in January. The benefits of exercise for our well being are well documented and I dont find it too hard to motivate myself to exercise, but I do find that if I set myself a target to train for I have just that little bit extra oomph. ┬áSo I was really pleased yesterday to manage to sign up for a place on the Studland Bay Seahorse swim. It’s a race organised by the East Dorset Open Water Swimming club that takes part in the glorious Studland bay marine reserve, one of the few places where there is a colony of seahorses, I’ve swum it several times and I’ve never yet met one of them. Well I say its a race and there are plenty of competitive swimmers take part, but for me the actual day is more about particpating than about how fast I can get. It is though very competitive to get a place. There are 300 places available and it sells out in about 15 minutes. (reminds me a little bit of that episode of the big bang theory where our erstwhile heros Sheldon et al are hovering on mulitple browsers trying to secure tickets for Comicon). So there it is race booked target set and a few months to train for a 2k open water swim. That should get me motivated, do you have tips for getting yourself inspired?

Find out more about Future-Focused Finance’s Health & Wellbeing work and sign up to be a Health & Wellbeing Champion here.