Value Maker Annual Awards 2022

Nominations are now closed

The annual Future-Focused Finance Value Maker Awards will be presented at our Value Maker Annual Conference on Tuesday 15 November 2022. The awards recognise the hard work of our Value Makers in their organisations and wider health communities, and offer an excellent opportunity to recognise achievements within NHS finance nationally.

This year, alongside our four nominated awards based on our Four Strengths Framework, we will be presenting seven regional awards to individuals from each region who have made significant contributions to the Value Maker network and the aims of Future-Focused Finance.

To recognise the Finance and Clinical Educator who has gone above and beyond to educate clinicians and non-finance staff over the past year, we will also be presenting the FACE award.

The National Value Maker Award categories are the Future-Focused Finance 4 Strengths:

  • Finance Expert – An individual who keeps their technical skills up to date with the latest thinking in Finance and focuses on the challenges facing the NHS. An individual who also supports others in the team to do their job.
  • Making Change Happen – An individual who understands that embracing & enabling change is part of their daily job. They develop and implement new ways of doing things to improve the services they give.  Someone who always sees finance as part of the solution.
  • Drives Value – An individual who strives to increase value in every piece of work they undertake. Someone who “thinks like a patient and act like a tax-payer” when at work.
  • Team Player – An individual who engages fully with their team and contributes beyond their personal job description. An individual who also builds constructive relationships with clinical colleagues and decision makers beyond their team, department and organisation.

We will accept nominations of individuals or groups/teams of Value Makers. Please note you cannot nominate yourself.

If you have any queries then please contact the Future-Focused Finance team at who will be happy to help.