Innovation – R1

The CSU Invoice Processing Hub Team & Project Accountants

Submission by Catherine Arnett


Midlands & East of England



“The team has demonstrated good innovation in identifying an area for improvement, worked together to identify a solution and implement it to improve their processing. there is a good foundation to build upon.”

Peer Reviewer

“Demonstrates Collaborative working across numerous sections within finance & trying to streamline a process.”

Peer Reviewer

“The team took a problem and identified a standardised way of working and input that worked for them. The manual nature of the process change means it is very easily replicable.”

Peer Reviewer

The Problem

The Invoice Processing Team need to improve processing and query resolution speed because otherwise invoice backlogs build up creating delays in payment to suppliers.

The Challenges

How might we make initial validation faster so that invoices without query can be paid quickly?

How might we use the system differently so that queries can be easily tracked and chased up appropriately?

How might we use the system differently so that summary reporting and reconciliation can be done faster and with more targeted information for customers?

The Outputs

  • Bi weekly invoice reporting to customers.
  • Standard query outputs to all Suppliers.
  • Clear targeted daily work plans to teams.

The Outcomes

  • Improved performance as a processing team and improved relationships with customers and Suppliers.
  • A reduction in volumes of unpaid invoices.
  • Faster payment of validated invoices without query.
  • More visibility of volumes and query meaning less ad hoc urgent requests.
  • Reduction in contact from Suppliers chasing payment.
  • Reduction in ad hoc reporting queries from customer management accounts teams.