Innovation Development Board

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What is the Innovation Development Board?

As part of the Innovation Programme the Forum’s Innovation Development Board provides a structure to manage, develop, scale and launch finance innovations for the benefit of the NHS.

It oversees the submission of problems and ideas, works with development groups to create solutions, and supports organisations who have yet to submit their inventions.

The board also manages the Innovation Incubator which helps potential innovators develop their projects by providing informal advice and feedback. This will help NHS Finance colleagues to improve their ideas and get them ready for peer review. The incubator can also serve as a great platform for crowdsourcing skills among the already peer reviewed innovators.

Innovation Development Fund

Members of the board also have access to the Innovation Development Fund, the fund is designed to encourage and support Innovation Development Groups in developing and delivering your ideas. It provides grants to help board members come up with new solutions and test them in the real world. The goal of fund is to spur innovation, prove out ideas, and create more high-impact solutions that benefit society.


If you want to become a member of the Board, simply submit an innovation for peer review and if you are successful you will be invited to join the Forum’s Innovators and be part of the Innovation Development Board.

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Innovation Incubator

Not sure if you’ve innovated? Ask our incubator for informal feedback or crowdsource skills to help improve your innovation. You can submit anonymously.

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