Innovation – B1

The ICS Networking Group

Gloucestershire Integrated Care System

South West, System Wide



“Great work by all those involved and obviously huge amounts of energy, effort and time put into this. Great to see this continue through the pandemic when realistically networking was even more important with home working happening.”

Peer Reviewer

“I liked the “randomised coffee trials”, I might pinch this with pride!”

Peer Reviewer

“Through starting on the “getting to know” each other within and across the system this is laying the groundwork for positive developments going forward.”

Peer Reviewer

The Problem

The Finance and BI teams from across the Gloucestershire System needed to improve networking and establish areas of common ground because not addressing this problem would result in teams continuing to work in organisations silo’s. As a System we are stronger together.

The Challenges

  1. How can we establish common ground so that we can build bridges between teams and become more effective as a System?
  2. How do we identify what the teams require so that we can build on the momentum and enthusiasm?
  3. How do we establish core / discretionary areas of common ground so that we share approaches, techniques and learning and become more effective as a System?

The Outputs

6 x System wide networking events to date with in excess of 100 attendees per event; monthly steering group sessions; System wide staff survey with actions; randomised coffee trials; establishing core groups for areas of common interest going forward

The Outcomes

Improved networking, sharing best practice, getting to know each other and establishing opportunities for closer working in the future