Supporting our Staff – Hybrid Working Survey

From 23rd March 2020 people from across the country were told to work from home, that week office life as we knew it ended.  Overnight we all adapted to a different way of working, adjusting to new systems, and embracing new technology.  Over a year later it is clear that the changes to our working life are not going anywhere and we need to manage these changes properly and strategically rather than responsively. 

One NHS Finance began as a nationwide conversation that gave everyone working in the finance community the opportunity to share current challenges and input into how the future of the function is shaped.  The conversation was commissioned by the NHS Finance Leadership Council (FLC), who sought to create an ambitious development strategy for the finance community to make NHS Finance an outstanding environment to work in.  Many participants supported the need for greater flexibility in where and how people work, combined with a need for greater consistency in the policies for the workforce.  The most popular idea over both conversations was about flexible working, with the second most popular idea suggesting hybrid working should be the NHS Finance working model for the future.

In response to the One NHS Finance conversation we are producing a resource pack to share the work that is going on across the NHS with the return or partial return to the office, providing useful tips and sharing the good practice.  We would be grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to fill out a survey to help support the work we are doing.  Survey deadline Friday 9th July and the link is below: