Crossing Professional Boundaries

Teams that work better together create better outcomes for patients, however despite our best efforts effective, collaborative teamwork remains a challenge for many.

Working with The King’s Fund, this toolkit has been designed to help NHS organisations assess the health of working relationships across their organisations, particularly between clinicians and finance staff. The toolkit helps you understand how well your teams engage with each other and gives you a route to finding ways to improve collaboration.

The toolkit encourages you to take the time out to reflect and takes you through 7 steps to help you do just that. The steps include arranging a time and space to bring people together to get them talking and really listening to each other. The toolkit encourages everyone in the team to make changes, reflect again and support each other.


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Crossing Professional Boundaries Toolkit Introduction

The toolkit is for leaders from NHS clinical and finance teams who want to encourage collaboration across professional boundaries.


Crossing Professional Boundaries Section A

A PowerPoint discussing why teams should teams take the time to reflect


Crossing Professional Boundaries Section B

A PowerPoint discussing using the toolkit.


Crossing Professional Boundaries Section C

A PowerPoint discussing shortcuts, templates and suggestions.