Best Possible Value

Decision Making Toolkit

There is a growing appreciation that taking a value-based approach is key to delivering high-quality sustainable healthcare.  Organisations do, however, need support to make value-based decision making a reality and embed a value driven approach within the culture of the organisation or system.


The BPV Decision Framework helps NHS organisations follow a clear, structured decision-making process that demonstrates good governance and models different options based on value. The ‘value equation’, measured as outcomes over resources/costs, is used throughout to assess the impact of strategic and operational decisions within organisations and local health economies.

The BPV Decision Framework – which contains three main elements to improve the effectiveness of decision-making:
The Decision Planning tool supports multi-disciplinary groups in designing and planning a structured decision process that clearly defines the value goal and agrees stakeholder responsibilities up-front
The Value Generation tool builds on the decision planning work to illustrate the impact of a decision and examines the evidence supporting the decision rationale or assumptions
The Option Priorities tool allows users to demonstrate that decisions have been prioritised based on maximising outcomes within agreed resources

To compliment the BPV Decision Framework, we have created a series of Bitesize documents that share some of the principles of the framework and can be used as part of everyday decision making in the NHS:

  • Writing a value focused business case
  • Framing decisions for value
  • Add value to your meetings
  • Moving from implementation to high value performance


Best Possible Value Decision Framework

Guides and resources to support the implementation of the framwork

Best Possible Value Decision Framework

A reference guide for organisations making value-based decisions for healthcare services


BPV Bitesize – Add Value To Your Meetings

This Bitesize paper shows how projects can be broken down into discrete stages to (a) aid decision making (b) individuals can be assigned clear roles at each stage and finally (c) how meetings can be effectively organised.


BPV Bitesize – Implementation to High Level Performance

This Bitesize paper takes the concept of value and the relevant tools from the BPV Framework and applies these to the challenge of moving from implementation to high value performance


BPV Bitesize – Writing Business Case

This BPV Bitesize on Writing a value focused business case, will help address the four key challenges often faced in writing business cases.


BPV Bitesize – Framing Decisions For Value

The Decision Charter uses a structured approach based on the four domains of situation, complications, objectives and constraints to help frame the correct decision to be made.