NHS Finance – bitesize short course

Learn fundamental aspects of healthcare finance in England with free access to this HFMA bitesize short course.

The South West Finance Academy is supporting all NHS finance staff in the South West region looking to understand the fundamental aspects of healthcare finance by providing free access to the HFMA bitesize short course on NHS finance.

This course provides an overview of how the NHS is structured and financed. It explains how money moves from the taxpayer via HM Treasury to front line healthcare services, how this funding is spent and safeguarded.

What topics are covered in this course?

  • Background and structure of the NHS
  • Sources of funding and financial challenges
  • How the money is spent
  • Governance and control
  • The future of the NHS

This short course is accredited by the CPD standards office. On completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion as evidence of 3 hours accredited CPD for your professional development.

If you are outside of a finance department in the South West and want to understand ¬†how the NHS finance regime works, as well as the wider landscape in which it operates, we recommend to read HFMA’s Introductory guide to NHS finance. This is an open resource and also has 3 hours of accredited CPD.

Terms and Conditions
You must sign up for the course before Friday 31st January 2025 to be eligible. Access to this course via the South West Finance Academy is only available to those working within finance departments across the South West. The purpose of this course is to ensure that all colleagues in finance are benchmarked at the same standard and have a baseline understanding as to how the NHS is financed and structured overall.

To request access please email charley.spicer@hfma.org.uk. Please include your name, job title, organisation and preferred email address.

New learners will be uploaded on a monthly basis and once you have been assigned you will receive an email from bitesize@hfma.org.uk with a link and your login details. You will then have up to 12 months to complete the course before the offer expires.