National Disabilities Network

A network that raises awareness about disabilities and to influence change.

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The National Disabilities Network will take a leading role in developing a more inclusive NHS Finance for colleagues living with a disability, colleagues struggling with mental health and colleagues who are caring for people. The network’s objective is to raise awareness about disabilities and to influence change, if you think this network is for you, get in touch to sign up.

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About the network –

The network will focus on the following objectives:

  • Raising awareness of the different abilities of colleagues across the organisations
  • Influencing change within the workplace over barriers that different people may face
  • Sign posting, to make it clear that there are people available for colleagues to talk to who may be going through similar things.
  • To create a database of information that will educate colleagues on disabilities and mental health conditions, this will help colleagues to understand each other better.
  • To create a national framework based on surveys around disabilities

Membership –

The network will consist of interested individuals from across the finance function who would like to get involved with discussions and driving the agenda forward. If you think this is the network for you, please email us to sign