Value Maker Annual Awards 2023

Nominations are now open!

The annual Future-Focused Finance Value Maker Awards will be presented at our Value Maker Annual Conference on Friday 24th November 2023. The awards recognise the hard work of our Value Makers in their organisations and wider health communities, and offer an excellent opportunity to recognise achievements within NHS finance nationally.

This year, we have created new award categories that encompass the qualities for the 4 strengths but are in line with the ONF programmes – please see below.

We believe this to be a wonderful way to recognise hard work and commitment of both individuals and groups within our Value Maker network. It allows them to receive national recognition alongside their colleagues and friends. We welcome submissions from staff of all grades who have demonstrated exceptional commitment in the past year.

We will accept nominations of individuals or groups/teams of Value Makers. Please note you cannot nominate yourself.

Please read our Value Maker Award Nomination Guide. 

Submit nominations by October 9 via this form – Value Maker Annual Awards Nomination (

If you have any queries then please contact the Future-Focused Finance team at who will be happy to help.

Finance Excellence

Recognises an individual who demonstrates exceptional commitment to their professional growth while actively contributing to their team’s development in a healthy working environment.

Champion of Change

Recognises an individual who demonstrates a deep understanding of embracing and enabling change in their daily job. They proactively develop and implement innovative approaches to enhance services, seeking new ways of doing things and showing a commitment to continuous improvement.

Team Player

Recognises an individual who demonstrates exceptional engagement and contribution within their team, as well as building constructive relationships with clinical colleagues and decisionmakers beyond their immediate scope of work.


Recognises an individual who actively supports equality, diversity, and inclusion, playing a crucial role in creating an inclusive and fair culture within the organisation. The recipient demonstrates a commitment to promoting equality and diversity through different approaches and initiatives.

Finance Education

Recognises a colleague who has exceeded expectations in educating clinicians and non-finance staff within their organisation in finance processes. The recipient has demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise in bridging the knowledge gap between finance and clinical departments.

Rising Star

Recognises an individual in bands 2-5 with exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and remarkable contributions. With their fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and unyielding determination, they have emerged as a rising star, captivating the attention of peers and organisation leaders alike.