Innovations – Officially Submitted January 2023 – K J MCBRIDE A.C.M.A. , C.G.M.A.

I have Three Innovations.
1. Disability Discrimination in Workplace Solution – FREE & Simple. It Will Work ( I an Directly Affected )
2. AP Timetable for Payment within 30 Days Fasters etc
3. Save conservative £1/4 bn over Twenty Years for NHS.
In Covid in Capital it took One Year to Update Asset Registers their way.
In Q1 Nest Year I took TWO HOURS – HONEST !!!
Submitted Officially Jan 2023 but Ignored.

Don’t know whether it was a Computer Glitch but my Password didn’t work Thursday 7th March 2024 or Friday 8th March 2024.

When I Reset Password on Friday my Profile had Disappeared.

I was for the Record the First Person to Volunteer for this Network as I received an email stating such but I wasn’t contacted again.

I have a Wealth of Experience of MH and I’m a Rather Good – Chartered Management Accountant ( Band Four )

Kevin McBride A.C.M.A. , C.G.M.A.