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Everyone needs to feel that they matter to people that matter to them, and that they have a safe group of
family or friends, a place where they feel they belong. These are among the basic ‘commons’ of our
shared humanity. In this age of digital hyper-connectivity, a quick look at the data about loneliness
reveals a distressing picture of large numbers of people of all ages feeling uncared for and isolated. The
knock on effects on all aspects of our health are both painful and costly.

Even in the midst of a sea of people, why is it that so many of us feel lonely? What impact have the
global pandemic and lockdowns had on how we feel on the inside? How do we rediscover our
connectedness? How do we make sure those around us feel that life-giving sense of belonging? What
work-related actions can help make sure everyone feels included, that they matter and there is a mutual
sense of care?

These may seem like soft or wooly matters for the working world, but we neglect them at our peril, given
the costly impact of ignoring them on productivity, morale, staff turnover and mental health.

In this workshop we will explore some facts and figure about loneliness and its impact on all aspects of
health. We’ll look at the importance of certain ‘intangibles’ for our mutual human flourishing and the
science behind why we need to feel connected and what generates that.

The workshop also considers an individualised view of health and wellbeing versus a recognition or our
inter-dependency, and shares practical ways to promote an inclusive world of work where no-one gets left

The workshop is grounded in science and evidence, and is delivered by Dr Barbara Mariposa, Associate
at Work Well Being. Barbara is a thought leader in the field of wellbeing, emotional intelligence, mental
health, mindfulness, leadership, presence and the science that brings all these things together. Trained at
the Royal Free Hospital, London, Dr Barbara worked internationally, in psychiatry and public health.

TUESDAY, 28TH JUNE, 2022 - 14:00 TO 15:00

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