Development self-assessment toolkit

Self-assessment against the NHS Finance Competency Framework

This self-assessment toolkit is based on the NHS Finance Competency Framework which outlines the technical and behavioural skills required at each stage of a finance career in the NHS. This tool allows you to self-assess yourself against each of the competencies to help you identify what areas you need to develop further to become well-experienced across all areas relevant to your current band level. The self-assessment form can be accessed below where you will be presented with a series of questions that require you to score yourself against each competency from Level 0 (none) up to Level 4 (expert). The form should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and on completion you will be presented with a summary of your scores including feedback of what competency areas need development and what topics of training and development you should look to undertake to develop those areas further.

There will also be information on available training and development opportunities from both local and national programmes signposted throughout your feedback (Please note that not all resources and events referenced are free to access / attend).

The results of your self-assessment are saved as at the time of taking it, which you are able to access at any time. If you gain further experience through new roles and progression, you will need to re-start the self-assessment process to produce an up-to-date result of scores. All of your self-assessment results will be saved and listed at the bottom of this page for you to access.

Please note that if you score yourself as Advanced (level 3) or Expert (level 4) in a competency, then this will result in no resources / events showing for that competency.