Career Shapers

Offers development opportunities for finance staff working in Band 2-4 roles who are looking towards career progression in the near future.

Who is this development programme for?

The Career Shapers development programme is aimed at Band 2-4 finance staff who are looking to progress into different or more senior roles in the near future.

Objectives of the programme include:

  • Exploring different career routes
  • Understanding the business and finance’s impact on patient care
  • Planning for career progression
  • Growing your professional network
  • Benefitting from sponsorship and mentoring

The programme focuses on developing non-technical skills and provides a safe space for participants to be open about their experiences and current situation, whilst sharing and giving feedback to others. The programme is a fantastic opportunity for participants to widen their knowledge and experience in the areas they want to develop and in meeting like-minded colleagues from across the country.

Application process:

Applications will be submitted via an online form where you will be expected to provide a short personal statement (no more than 500 words) about who you are, your story so far, and where you want to get to in your career – specifying why this programme may help you to do this.

Applications will be open throughout May and June each year, but you can register your interest at any point here.

We will get in touch when you are able to submit your application.

Delivery of the programme:

The programme will be delivered via online modules and a 1-day in person networking and development focused event day from September to February each year. This will be done through a variety of training and development sessions that are interactive, discussion-led, and delivered in peer groups.

Download the programme here (please note this is subject to change)

FREE OF CHARGE – travel expenses and accommodation if required is not included. 

“I can confidently say this has been one of the best courses I have attended since joining the NHS in terms of content encouragement and offering a different approach to how I can view/ build  my future career. Many subjects touch on during the delivery of personal accounts left me feeling hopefully, positive and wanting to invest in myself, that light bulb moment happened for me, I wrote down “I have time !” So the next leg of my journey starts here and despite having felt stuck  “what’s next for me”.” Cohort 2 delegate feedback.