CIMA Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview of the different learning and assessment routes into the CIMA qualification to obtain the ACMA, CGMA designation

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The webinar will consist of the below topics.


  • Introduction to First Intuition
  • First Intuition Apprenticeships
  • Case Study – How Finance Apprenticeships work in the NHS - First Intuition Manchester


CIMA’s Finance Leadership Program (FLP)

  • Overview of FLP and what it means for the NHS finance professionals
  • NHS accelerate program and FLP


Building the capabilities of your finance and accounting team is the first step towards ensuring your organization’s success. The session will cover the following key areas.

  • The latest trends and Issues facing Accounting & Finance functions
  • Critical skills needed for the Future of Accounting & Finance
  • How AICPA & CIMA can help in upskilling, building capability and professional development?