Hybrid Working: Navigating the Future of Work - Building Resilience After Lockdown

The fourth session of the Hybrid working workshops will focus on Building Resilience After Lockdown in a Hybrid world.

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    This session will look at:

    • Building resilience through the return to the office (something most employees feel anxious about in some way)
    • The impact of lockdown on mental and physical health
    • Challenges and opportunities of the reopening: balancing work, commuting, exercise, family time, etc.
    • Preparing wellness approaches for yourself – with techniques that can be shared more widely.
    Christine Armstrong, researcher on the future of work and author of the Mother of All Jobs (Bloomsbury, 2018), will deliver the workshops. She co-founded a hybrid working model in 2013 and works extensively on these issues with organisations including Universal Music and KPMG: she has three years’ experience working with NHS finance teams so knows their challenges and capabilities well. Christine writes regularly for the Times and Telegraph, examples included in the email, and vlogs weekly on her research findings.