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The Game

  • A mysterious treasure chest has been recovered from the bottom of the ocean. It is encrusted in coral and barnacles, and some say it comes from the mythical city of Atlantis… 
  • The chest has a strange ancient padlock that requires a 7 letter combination code. 
  • Playing in teams of between 4-8, you will have 45 mins to solve a series of puzzles and crack the code to the chest. 
  • The question is, which team will get their hands on the treasure first?


How it works

  • The Atlantean Chest is a 60 minute virtual escape game. 
  • Your Gamesmaster will give you a full brief before you begin. 
  • The game content is delivered online via a web link that will be provided by your Gamemaster in the chat function of Zoom
  • You will be divided into teams randomly on the day, unless otherwise communicated. 
  • All puzzles can be solved without leaving the home. 
  • You will just need a pen, paper and maybe the odd household item or two...