Software Skills for Finance Staff

This series seeks to improve the software skills of NHS Finance Staff in order to shorten the gap of time spent on manual and repetitive tasks. This series is open to anyone, at any level in NHS Finance with an interest in learning how to put accessible technology to better use.

Sessions for this event are listed below:

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This series and all of its sessions will be taught by fellow NHS Finance colleagues and will consist of four events over a 4 month period starting in April 2022. Those interested will have an opportunity to share their problems with each other and work together to overcome those challenges by learning to use already accessible software to reduce manual time and repetitive tasks.

After completing this series, delegates should have a better understanding of how to use the below software's, and feel more confident applying learned tricks and techniques to tackling problems in their day to day. They should also feel more comfortable in asking for help from likeminded individuals and other attendees.

  1. Excel
  2. SQL
  3. Power BI
  4. Power Automate

Please follow this link to read the summary of how the series will work: Summary-of-SSFFS.pdf (

Session 1

The Possible

This is an all day single event which will introduce all four software sessions and what the possibilities are when used effectively.

Once you have attended this session you will be asked to choose which software/s you would like to learn more about, it is possible to attend all software sessions if you would like.

Session 4

The Learning

This is an all day single event to close the series which will include presentations.

We will reach out to delegates who have attended the specific skill based sessions to share the skills they have learned and what they have experienced during the process.

Any common problems or challenges that are identified by the series will be picked up by the Forum FLG and identified nationally as key challenges