Understanding & Managing Stress

Join leading expert Steph Peltier to gain a deeper understanding of stress and learn strategies to promote greater calm and wellbeing.

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    Some years ago the accepted narrative about stress was that it was good for you, kept you motivated or “on it”, and improved your performance. Those who got “stressed” were regarded as somehow weaker or ‘less than’ those who apparently don’t.

    The damage done by stress not only to our performance but also to all aspects of our health is now well
    recognised. We get irritable, tired, anxious can’t think clearly, lack creativity and find it more difficult to
    work collaboratively, all of which impact performance, results and morale.

    However, much can be done not just to alleviate stress, but also to build abilities and skills that support
    our overall wellbeing replacing a culture of stress and burnout with one that benefits all aspects of work.
    This workshop examines the concept of stress, explains the science of what happens in our brain and
    body, and how stress impacts how we think, feel and behave. Taking into account the new work
    challenges many of us are facing, it explores ways to build clarity and good self-care habits, to bring back
    stability and structure, and minimise unnecessary pressure.

    You will leave the workshop with a practical toolkit of ways to dial down the pressure, adapt more easily
    to the way things are, and support each other in staying cool, calm and connected.


    The workshop is delivered by Steph Peltier. Stephanie is an expert in the science of happiness, with firsthand experience of the challenges and pressures that work can cause, her empathetic yet pragmatic approach is heavily grounded in science and her suggestions can easily be integrated into busy lives.